What Your Choice Of Gold Or Silver Jewellery Says About You

If you go through every jewellery adorning person you know - without thinking on it too long, you can probably recall whether they are a gold or silver person.
People tend to heavily side with one or the other, even if they mix the two, spiritually, they're often faithful to one more than the other. This choosing of sides seem to be as tied to their personalities as is their taste in music or their favourite movie; both chosen and instinctive.
The reasoning of choice wasn't based on which colour flattered the wearer’s complexion, but rather the memories tied to their first notable piece.
Everything now is so rooted in references both conscious and unconscious.
For the Silver Wearers
You're self confident, independent and appreciate natural beauty. Choosing silver jewellery reflects your youthful, playful personality and tells the world that you're stylish, fun and unique.
For the Gold Wearers
Gold is often seen as enlightening and illuminating things around it. You are a positive and ambitious person. This is an attractive trait that draws in and influences others.
When we sit down to design our collections, we begin with a moment. A notable moment that inspired something for us we want to share with you. Every piece we create holds a story and/or is ready for a one. Learn more about our tips for wearing jewellery here.

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