How to Wear Sterling Silver Rings For Stylish Layering (or Stacking)

We understand rings are a way of uniquely expressing your personality. But sometimes it can be difficult to style them so they look the most flattering on you.

Your thumb will favour a design that will not compliment your pinky in the same way. That's why we have curated a range of rings that honour each fingers differences and features, so you never run out of options.

Why you should wear sterling silver rings

Wearing sterling silver rings can be advantageous for one's finger. Sterling silver is a metal that is hypo-allergenic, meaning that it doesn't cause allergic reactions in people, and it is resistant to discolouration from oxidation or skin oils. Sterling silver rings are also very durable and require little maintenance, so they will not tarnish easily. These qualities make them a perfect option for those who are looking for an attractive and long-lasting jewellery item that complements their personal style!

Some other benefits of wearing sterling silver rings include the following: they have a low risk of losing its shape over time; they don't show fingerprints as easily; and if you use them as fashion accessories, you can mix up your jewellery with different styles to create unique looks.

Accessorising with stacking rings: weight, feel, coordination and layering tips

When it comes to stacking rings, there are absolutely no rules. It's all about what you like and how it feels.

A stack of rings is a simple and discreet way to add some variety to your daily look. When growing your collection of Billie Jo rings, remember each of your fingers are unique and each finger will be a slightly different size. Each finger will also be used more or less than its neighbour during the day.

It's important to keep the following things in mind when selecting your perfect ring.

Are you left handed or right handed, and which hand takes on most of the work? It may be more functional for you to place your rings accordingly.

Do you like spaces between your silver or to load it up? If you like loading up your finger with rings, think about how each piece graces the other. 

Do you run warm or cold? Consider how your fingers change throughout the day, the most important thing about finding rings online is finding the correct fit for your fingers. We're here to help you make sure you get the perfect fit every time, grab your Free Ring Sizer here.

Ask yourself: Is it right for me? How does it make me feel? Aside from the practicalities of choosing your rings to stack, the most important part of all is making sure it's the right piece for you.

How we would stack and style our left hand:

Starting with our thumb, we would recommend The Canvas Ring.

The index finger can be one of your busiest finger, but also the most recognised, we would recommend The Signet Ring.

The middle finger is a statement finger if we've ever seen one, we would recommend The Rising Ring or The Bee There Ring.

The ring finger is usually associated with commitment and love, therefore we like to honour this in the most simplistic way with the classic Stacker Rings. 

Finally we come to the pinky, arguably one of the most important fingers of them all specially reserved for promises. We would recommend The Union Ring.

Don't forget to grab your Free Ring Sizer here to help you make sure you get the perfect fit for every finger. 

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