The History of Men and Jewellery

Brace yourselves for a dive into the history world of men's jewellery – because believe it or not, men were rocking the jewellery game long before it became a runway sensation!
Way back in the day, before women were even thinking about accessorising, men were already making statements with their rings, bracelets, and earrings. We're talking about a time over 30,000 years ago when our ancestors were wearing shells and teeth.
But hold onto your hats because the jewellery evolution didn't stop there. As civilizations progressed, so did the materials used in men's jewellery. From humble beginnings with shells and teeth, we transitioned to luxurious metals and gemstones fit for royalty.
And let's not forget about the power of jewellery as a status symbol. Back in the day, sporting a flashy piece wasn't just about looking good – it was a way for men to flaunt their social status and demand attention. Kings rocked their crowns and gold chains, warriors added spiked bracelets as shields, and pirates sailed the high seas with their signature hoop earrings.
As time marched on, people began to recognise the value of stones, crystals, and precious metals, leading to a golden age of jewellery craftsmanship in the Middle Ages. Suddenly, it wasn't just about looking good – it was about tapping into the mystical powers of gemstones and the allure of precious metals.
So there it is - a journey through the history of men's jewellery, from humble beginnings to modern-day masterpieces. Whether you're a king, a warrior, or just a regular Joe looking to add a little jewellery to your life, remember that the power of accessories has been with us since the dawn of time. So go ahead, rock that statement ring or flashy bracelet – because when it comes to jewellery, men have been leading the way since day one!

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