How To Find Your Perfect Daily Ring

Jewellery is deeply personal to the individual and can represent certain values and memories or can be a symbol of expression.
It's important to find the perfect piece for you that not only symbolises or represents yourself, but is also wearable with your everyday looks. That's where Billie Jo steps in to help you out. Every piece we create is guided by the purpose of living with you. Our designs are unique enough to express your individualism whilst remaining versatile enough that you can make your own memories.
Finding the one (or few) pieces that you never want to take off can be quite the trial and error process. It can be a little daunting to jump in, but once you take the plunge it can be fun to try new things.
You know you've found the one when the the piece seamless integrates into your daily activities and you barely notice it's there - except for the silver shine catching your eye.
All that said, you're here for answers. We've collected a few different pieces below our customers have raved about as their daily perfects.
On your index finger, the Oasis or the Bee There are a hugely popular go to pieces. Paired with the Stacker Rings on the on your ring finger and the Union Ring on your pinky, your hand is dressed and ready for the day.
If you'd like to step it up a notch, secure the Drifter Cuff around your wrist and compliment your neckline with the Cay Pendant.
Our biggest piece of advice would be to start simple and build as you go. There is no wrong or right way to go about it, you just need to feel it out. If you need any help or want a second opinion we're always happy to help at

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