Can You Wear Sterling Silver In Salt Water?

We're a huge fan of the ocean and love wearing our sterling silver jewellery while at the beach. However, we know that some people have concerns about how this affects their precious jewellery. That's why we've decided to answer this question once and for all!
The short answer is yes, you can wear your sterling silver jewellery in salt water.
The longer answer is that it depends on what kind of silver you have, how much time you spend in the water and other factors.
If you wear your jewellery a lot (like every day), then it will tarnish faster than if you don't wear it often. This is because there is more exposure to water and other elements like sweat or oil from skin that cause corrosion over time.
If someone wears sterling silver rings while swimming in salt water often enough for them to notice discolouration on their jewellery, then yes--that person should probably not wear their sterling silver jewellery into these environments again!

If your jewellery is only going to be worn daily, it's possible to bring it back to its original shine by polishing with a soft cloth after each use.

You can clean it by wiping down with a polishing cloth. Just wipe down all sides until everything looks shiny again before returning to your finger or storing in an airtight location.
So, can you wear sterling silver in salt water? The short answer is yes. Even if your jewellery does hold up well enough for regular use in the ocean (which depends on how often it gets wet), there are still other factors like how much time spent swimming around vs sitting on dry land.

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