Product Care

All our rings are made with 925 sterling silver. 

Pure silver is extremely soft and if worn, would bend or break. Quality sterling silver jewellery is traditionally made with 92.5% silver, combined with one or more additional metals to add strength.

Caring for your Billie Jo rings

Over time, sterling silver will naturally oxidise. Oxidisation occurs when sterling silver is exposed to air, causing the jewellery to tarnish. To care for your ring, simply polish it using the silver polishing cloth provided or use a small amount of silver cleaning solution on a soft cloth. Gently rub the silver with the cloth. Once this has been done, rinse the ring silver thoroughly with warm water before carefully drying. The tarnish and dullness will be removed and your sterling silver ring will be looking new. 

To ensure you maximise the life of your Billie Jo ring, avoid chlorine and bleach as this will cause your ring to tarnish.